Hand Knotting Fringe

One of our artisans in Kathmandu hand-knotting our 3-inch fringe. It takes one day to hand knot an entire pashmina. (Photo by HR Downs)

Feel Beautiful, Inside and Out.

Own a fine handcrafted Himalayan cashmere blanket throw, a real pashmina scarf or wrap, woven from the softest Chyangra Pashmina of the Himalayas.

Curated in Petaluma, California

Cashmere with Soul…

When you experience the super soft Chyangra cashmere wool, found only in the high mountain plateaus of the Himalayas, you will know why our work is so important. Our commitment to showcase where our wool comes from is a commitment to the future of the Himalayan people and our Kathmandu workshop as a fair trade company.

Every Pashm & Co. bespoke item is handcrafted — never machine woven — and bears the exclusive Chyangra® Pashmina tag. Your ethical and renewable purchase helps to sustain the Chyangra herds, preserving Himalayan artisanship for future generations. This is a garment that you’ll love and be proud to wear for a lifetime.

Real Pashmina – Hand-loomed

Pashmina is popularly known in the west as cashmere wool, from the old spelling for Kashmir. The fine wool comes from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat and, for over a thousand years, has been hand-woven into shawls and blankets.

For many centuries Kashmir was the only place the fiber could be woven into shawls, but today most of the world’s real pashmina shawls are woven on handlooms in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Most are woven on a warp of spun silk for increased suppleness and strength. In recent years this silk and cashmere blend has become the darling of the western fashion world. But the cashmere blanket throw has become the sought after homegood accessory for cozy days curling up with a book and cup of chai tea.

Sadly, much of what’s being sold as “pashmina” these days is woven on machine looms with low-quality cashmere or other angora — to those with a less discerning eye. We are here to change that and protect the legacy of hand-loomed quality and skill. [More about the Pashm Story and Pashmina quality testing]

Chyangra cashmere pashmina goat

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